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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products

Style: Lunge Line 

Colours: 22 Colours

Size: 8 meters


  • Soft tubular nylon web lunge rein
  • Featuring swivel trigger clip at one end and hand loop at the other
  • Made with 25 mm comfortable to hold cushion webbing
  • 45 cm loop handle
  • Soft blend: Excellent grip and comfortable to hold
  • With large handrail and rotary carabiner

This headcollar, made of high-quality buffalo leather, is easily adjustable and has an elegant design. This stable halter is extra soft padded on the neck and noseband to make it more comfortable to wear. The buckle at the head and the clip on the throat can be adjusted. Thanks to the throatlash, this headcollar is not only good looking, but also provides extra safety.